Home Remediation

Most homeowners are not aware of the difference between mold removal and mold remediation, which is why the mold situation plaguing your home must be treated by a professional. Mold removal is simply the act of cleaning and removing all visible signs of mold from your home. However, mold remediation involves the removal of all materials damaged by mold that are non-salvageable or irretrievable.

Home Remedition
Home Remedition

Furniture, drywall, beam, or any other material damaged by mold is structurally compromised, weakened, and unseemly. Mold remediation calls for replacing all such materials, so you are left with strong, visually appealing, and safe materials that are of absolutely no risk to your health. Mold-damaged materials may still have some spores trapped between their layers even after cleaning, which may cause mold growth to recur.

Atlanta Mold & Cleaning offers meticulous mold remediation services to homeowners. Our team of experts carries out a detailed inspection using specialized equipment to identify and differentiate between compromised and salvageable materials, so homeowners do not have to spend on hefty repairs or renovation.

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