Three Parts Of Dealing With Drywall Mold


It's icky and gross, and it can also affect your health. Mold can be lurking in any space in your home or business. Getting rid of it requires some professional assistance and planning for mold remediation. That’s what we’re here for – we help property owners and others to take steps to get rid of toxic mold for good.

Let's take drywall, the signature compound that's used for so many walls and surfaces inside a building. Drywall is so common that professional installers can command pretty good salaries building rooms out of drywall in both residential and commercial industries.

Having said that, there are some danger signs in drywall maintenance, and one of them is mold.

A while back, we had some articles about cheap, inferior foreign drywall and how that could contribute to moldy conditions. We had some passionate responses! People are paying attention when it comes to indoor air quality and contamination. Here are some of the ways that professional shops address drywall mold remediation for customers.

Assessing the Drywall

Drywall can be assessed topically, in other words,, on the surface, but the professionals might also need to peer behind the panels to see if mold is growing on the inner side. This will require some specific site work in order to see if certain kinds of dangerous mold exist. We do this work efficiently, and effectively, with people who understand how to work with this contaminant and allergen.


Here's part of the physical process where the drywall is actually removed. Professionals cover it or bag it up so that it doesn't shed spores all over the place while they are trying to get it out. Then they put other materials in place that are clean and sanitary. And voila! A nice new space, unencumbered by mold.

Air Cleaning

This step of the process is particularly important for people who suffer from allergies. Professionals have to assess indoor air quality and take steps to make it better through things like ozone machines or air purifiers or other methods. That varies depending on many factors: the size of the space, how long the mold has been present, whether something is leaking, etc.

At Atlanta Mold and Cleaning, we deal with drywall mold as well as other kinds of building mold conditions. Let us help you to get what you need done to deal with tricky mold and get your property safe and livable again. We answer all your questions and walk with you every step of the way to make sure that your property becomes mold free and completely safe. If you’re in the ATL area, get a free estimate to see how you can get your home or business property in good shape today.

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