Black Mold Elimination: Can You Do It Yourself?


Since black mold is hazardous, you must be cautious in how you approach mold cleaning. You must be well-versed in the appearance and growth of black mold to remove mold successfully. You must also understand how it moves so that you don’t remove it in a way that spreads it around.

In most homes, black mold elimination and evaluation take place in the basements and bathrooms. These are hot spots for black mold because they are the areas of your home that are most likely to have a large amount of moisture. If you don't take adequate care of your space by keeping it clean and dry, black mold will develop. Black mold can develop in any place, including cement, tiles, and even the countertop. Although you can test for black mold yourself with testing kits, a thorough mold inspection of your home by mold cleaning experts is the safest way to go. The experts at Atlanta Mold and Cleaning are more than willing to give you a consultation and a free estimate for removing mold from your home.

Before you conduct black mold elimination, make sure the space is well-ventilated after you complete the black mold testing and examination and uncover some areas in which it lives on. If ever the black mold is contained in a small area, it can be cleaned quickly with bleach and water; but, for more difficult operations, you will need to utilize a commercialized black mold elimination product. You must completely dry the area since any remaining moisture will serve as a new breeding area for black mold.

Looking for visible mold on the walls or floors of your basement is the first step in evaluating for black mold. Next, you want to analyzing the air quality in your home with black mold testing and examination because mold spores are airborne as soon as they're present.

You should wear a face mask and rubber gloves when you're ready to start removing black mold so you don't breathe in the particles and let them touch your skin. To ensure that all mold spores are killed, you may need to do black mold eradication multiple times. The bottom line is retaining the experts at Atlanta Mold and Cleaning is the best bet, and you have nothing to lose with a complimentary consultation and free estimate. You can

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