Why Atlanta Mold & Cleaning Receives Great Reviews


Keeping a home clean is no easy task. The average homeowner spends a few hours every week tidying
up. While most homeowners can handle light cleaning, they will need professional help when trying to
tackle serious issues like mold.

Residential mold is far more common than most people seem to realize. In fact, a recent study found
that nearly 70 percent of the homes in the United States have mold. When issues with mold start to
surface, it is important to contact the Atlanta Mold & Cleaning team.

Over the years, we have helped many home and business owners tackle their mold problems head-on.
These satisfied customers have provided our company with great reviews, which we are extremely
proud of. Here are some of the reasons why Atlanta Mold & Cleaning steadily receives great reviews.

We Have Lots of Experience

Finding and removing mold from a home or business is challenging. The average person will be unable to
perform mold remediation on their own. When people want a comprehensive mold removal solution,
they tend to reach out to the Atlanta Mold & Cleaning team. One of the main reasons people reach out
to our company for help is the vast amount of experience we have.

Our team has over 20 years of experience in the mold removal industry. This experience means that we
know all about the health risks associated with mold infestation. With our help, home and business
owners can remove mold traces from their properties in no time.

When we provide the results a customer wants, they have no problem singing our praises in the form of
positive reviews.

Customers Love Our Affordable Rates

Discovering mold problems in your home can be a bit scary. If this problem isn’t remedied in a hurry,
you and your family will be at risk. While most homeowners realize that time is of the essence when it
comes to removing mold, many of them want to avoid overpaying for mold remediation services. Some
companies take advantage of their customers by charging outrageous prices for their mold remediation

We aim to provide reliable services and extremely affordable rates. Our rates are competitive and we
will make sure you get your money’s worth.

Our Comprehensive List of Services

If mold has spread throughout your home, you will need to enlist the help of professionals with plenty of
experience to remove it. When choosing Atlanta Mold & Cleaning, you will have access to a variety of
helpful services. Our attic cleaning services are designed to permanently remove mold from this
commonly neglected location.

We can also get rid of mold that has set up in your drywall. Our team can also help to restore your
indoor air quality after a mold infestation. Past customers have found that Atlanta Mold & Cleaning is
passionate about providing top-notch services for competitive prices.

If you are currently struggling with mold issues, it is time to enlist the help of our team.

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