Mold Cleaning During a Bathroom Remodel

What should you do if mold appears in your bathroom while remodeling? How can you check for mold and get rid of it? It could be a huge problem to own a home and discover mold in your bathroom.


You may have already considered mold cleaning, but before you learn what to do if mold is discovered in your bathroom, you should first understand what mold is.

While some molds are thought to be quite harmless, others are extremely hazardous. If you begin renovating the bathroom and discover mold under the toilet or even under the floor tiles, you may have black mold on your hands; this should be avoided immediately, and you should employ a professional mold remediation service provider to clean your home.

Black mold is usually referred to as a poisonous mold, as previously said. This is because it is one of the most deadly mold types. In addition to causing breathing difficulties, you may experience headaches, rashes, fevers, and other flu-like symptoms. While it may be tempting to remove the mold yourself, you should consider having a professional mold inspection to ensure proper remediation. If mold is not adequately cleared, spores can spread throughout the remainder of your home. That is why hiring a professional is advantageous. Altanta Mold and Cleaning has experts on staff with over 10 years experience in the detection and elimination of mold.

Mold cleaning and testing can be costly, but your family's safety and peace of mind is priceless. Mold can spread throughout your home and even into adjacent rooms if not addressed properly. Regardless of the type of mold that was removed from your bathroom, you’ll want to take precautions to avoid a future mold outbreak. This is simple to achieve simply by adding a few amenities to your bathroom remodeling plan. Installing a fan or additional ventilation and climate controls for your bathroom can help to keep your bathroom, cool and dry so mold will not grow.

Making sure that your bathroom remodel includes proper windows, ventilation, and drainage is critical for keeping your bathroom cool and dry. Also, once your remodel is complete it is imperative that you make sure that you air out your bathroom on a regular basis so that a warm wet environment is not able to fester and grow mold. Black mold grows best in warm wet environments, and your bathroom remodel should have proper drainage, ventilation, windows, and climate control so that you can keep your bathroom as dry and cool as possible. You also want to make sure that you do not let stacks of magazines and other paper items stack up in your bathroom. Mold grows very well in paper, cardboard, and other cellose rich surfaces, so make sure that you are moving items around on a regular basis. If you have any futher questions about how to best keep your bathroom and home safe from mold, you can always contact the experts at Atlanta Mold and Cleaning today.

Even if you don't have a mold problem, you should make sure that your bathroom has effective ventilation. You'll want to take every precaution possible to keep mold from invading your newly renovated bathroom.

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